“Heringsschmaus” To Go

We are excited to offer "Heringsschmaus", an Austrian tradition, To Go. The meal can easily prepared in your own kitchen. We kindly ask you to order by February 11th for pick-up on February 17th. 

4-course meal for two people - €65,-

Three different fish salads


Kulmer's Fishsoup


Trout filet, marinated in herbs

(to fry at home)

with carrot-celery mousse and a mix of colorful spring vegetables


Kulmer's curd-yoghurt mousse


In addition to our four-course meal, you can order the following: 

*Three different fish salads

*Coconut soup (vegetarian option possible)

*Maki from salmon trout (vegan option possible)

*Trout patties

*roh, marinated, cubed salmon

*"Fisch im Glas": smoked trout spread

*"Fisch im Glas": salmon trout spread

*Kulmer's smoked fish products