About Us

the Kulmer Family

4 generations under the same roof


With much attention to detail, Anna cares for the personal comfort of the guests in the fish restaurant and in Villa Thalhof. Customer relationships are a keystone in the success of each business. With loving care and charm, Anna ensures that all of the guests are satisfied and happy.

Anna - Kulmer Fisch
Anna - Kulmer Fisch Restaurante


At work, Silvia’s best friend is her computer. To ensure that everything runs smoothly at Kulmer Fisch, Silvia works as Office Manager. With speed and conscientiousness, she runs the business and is also known as the “friendly voice” on the telephone.  

Silvia - Kulmer Fisch
Silvia - Kulmer Fisch Restaurante


Valentina has the most important task in the Kulmer household: tasting the fish. She loves to do this; fish is her favorite dish. Here and there she works after school, working hard among the others, caring for the wellbeing of the guests.

Valentina - Kulmer Fisch
Valentina - Kulmer Fisch Restaurante


When there is an emergency, Manuel is there. Whether feeding the fish, cutting the grass, or assisting in the kitchen; Manuel knows every corner of the business. His technical know-how is an important part of the development of the company.

Manuel - Kulmer Fisch
Manuel - Kulmer Fisch Restaurante


The youngest of the Kulmer fish family is Leopold and he is grandpa’s pride and joy. Leopold’s grandpa can’t wait for him to grow up so he can help him with feeding the fish.

Leopold - Kulmer Fisch
Leopold - Kulmer Fisch Restaurante


No machine is beyond Benjamin. With his technical know-how, Ben takes every machine under his wing to improve its operation. Whether changing light bulbs, or for any repair, Benjaman is known as the man for everything.

Benjamin - Kulmer Fisch
Benjamin - Kulmer Fisch Restaurante