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Franz Kulmer

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Legal Conditions

The content, graphics, and photos are protected by copyright. The usage of said graphics, photos, and content is only allowed if the owner Kulmer Fisch agrees in writing. The unauthorized usage, reproduction, or the passing on of said content, even just parts of the content, is strictly prohibited. This also applies to the usage and integration of content or full pages on third party web pages. However, the usage of links on our page is welcome.

All information is provided according to our best knowledge and intention. If a mistake is encountered, we apologize, however, cannot be held accountable for it. If a third-party web provider links to our page, they are liable. Furthermore, it is possible that third-party web providers link to our page without our knowledge. We are not liable for content or any links to our offers on third-party pages. This statement holds true for all content and links on our page. Additionally, we would like to note that we update our information and offers regularly to keep our page up-to-date. We are not liable for direct or indirect damage, including lost profits, which occurred as part of information that was provided on our page. We cannot be held liable for payment methods or their quality. We would like to note that the quality depends on the system you are using. This also includes that the presentation of WWW-pages is not possible on all systems.

Data Privacy:
We follow all data privacy regulations. Your personal data will only be saved in our data bank for marketing purposes and are not passed on to third parties.