Fishbox delivered to your home

If you don't want to miss out on fresh fish products during the lockdown, and if you want to continue to support the local economy, then order your Kulmer Fish Box online. We will deliver it to your house. That's what you have to do: 1) order your Kulmer Fish Box via email ( 2) place your Kulmer Fish Box in your fridge immediately after delivery 3) enjoy your Kulmer Fish products The Kulmer Fish Box includes 2 packages of smoked salmon (200g), 1 package of smoked salmon trout (100g), 2 packages of fresh trout filet (approximately 200g), 1 package smoked trout filet (220 g), 2 packages sumptuous fish in aspic (250g), and 1 smoked trout filet spread (175g). €49.50 per box including shipping within Austria.